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Lightfall Films

Lightfall Films is an American motion picture production & distribution company established in 2016 by award winning director Christian Johannesson. Lightfall Films recently produced the award winning film, Rising Free, a visual masterpiece that showcases the harrowing journey of a young woman running from the throes of prejudice. Finding herself amid danger of being sold and stripped of her freedom, she is faced with a decision - to stand on the living truth she’s come to know or surrender to the shadows of darkness that loom over her. Rising Free will be distributed in theaters by Lightfall Films on December 6, 2019.


Beyond storytelling, Lightfall Films’ mission is to bring forth light that builds and strengthens the root of hope within us. From the very start, we set out on a mission to produce timeless stories that paint light upon the darkness. We seek to produce films that inspire all.

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